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Summer ACT Prep and SAT Prep Classes

Today’s students need a real break during the summer. Yes, you heard that from a local learning center.  That’s why our summer ACT Prep and SAT Prep programs are characterized by a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Plus, each session is only twice a week for 3 weeks. On day one, we promise our students that summer test prep will NOT ruin their summers. More importantly, it will have a hugely positive impact on their junior years and their ultimate ACT or SAT scores. Summer students typically achieve the highest score increases and have much less stress throughout their junior year.

Students in Summer ACT Prep & SAT Prep Classes Get Higher Test Scores

How significant are improved scores to a student’s likelihood of college or university admission?  For many schools, ACT or SAT scores can still make a difference between acceptance and rejection. Our summer students earn the highest test score increases (compared to their original diagnostic) because they initially learn most of the key strategies during the summer when they don’t have all of the competing demands that they experience during the academic year.

Prep for SAT and ACT

Highly Unique Program Design and Teaching Strategies

At Lafayette Academy, years of intensive research in SAT and ACT prep materials and the development of one-of-a-kind teaching methods have led to unique test prep concepts and a superior instructional system. In addition, our diverse program component options, such as distinctively designed summer-to-fall and summer-to-spring programs, are based entirely on what is best for our students’ academic growth and chances of admission to a first-rate school.

We Offer Assessment, Analysis, and Supplemental Workshops/Sessions

All SAT and ACT prep students complete three or four practice tests. We carefully analyze the results and then respond to the analyses with creative teaching strategies. At Lafayette Academy, we also frequently supplement our test prep programs with free workshops and tutoring sessions.

To receive state-of-the-art SAT and ACT test prep instruction online or in our Lafayette location, connect with us today at Lafayette Academy.