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Master Math (K-8)

Master Math is our innovative math program for elementary & middle school students. The program features “Redbird Math,” which was developed at Stanford and is now supported by McGraw-Hill.

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Intentional Writing (2nd-8th)

Intentional Writing utilizes the adaptive technology of Redbird Language Arts and Writing to help young students develop “intentional” writing and grammar skills. This platform was developed at Stanford University and is grounded in more than 25 years of research.

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Algebra 1

This class will prepare students for Algebra 1 by filling in any gaps from middle school math. Students will begin with an assessment to identify problem areas.
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This class will prepare students for Geometry by filling in relevant gaps from middle school math or 9th grade, and by previewing next fall’s material..
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College Essays Workshops

Small group classes to help students get off to a fast start brainstorming and writing their college admissions essays. Each student will get one-on-one time to discuss personal essays. Students will leave with drafts of a few essays and valuable information.
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Study & Test Taking Skills

We offer these programs to middle and high school students. By the end of the week, students will have an organized game plan for school and a better understanding of their own learning styles.
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Strategic Reading (K-8)

Strategic Reading is a reading comprehension program that combines personalized software and a teacher to help students catch up or get ahead in reading. Parents can expect grade-level improvements.*
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Get Ready for High School

This is a new summer class that will do exactly what it says: help students get ready for high school. We are polling many high school students to formulate a curriculum that would have helped them when they started high school. Expect a mix of organizational, academic, and life skills.

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Algebra 2

This class will prepare Algebra 2 students for a fast start next fall, and it will include a few “aha” tips for later in the semester. We are the Algebra 2 experts.
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This class will prepare PreCalc students for a fast start next fall, including a few “aha” tips for later in the semester.
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College Admissions Questions

This is a unique concept that should have huge implications for students. We discuss some of the questions that students will have to answer when they apply to college and how they can prepare themselves throughout high school.
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Other Classes

We are also offering classes for Calc AB and Spanish 3 this summer.  Again, these classes will fill in any skill gaps that often hurt students at the beginning of the year. You also have an opportunity to request a particular summer class. Our instructors have tremendous knowledge in a wide variety of areas and we might surprise you.