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Fast Track Learning

To best focus on your child’s future, you must prioritize making a solid plan. It starts with how you plan your education. Not many people realize that the best time to plan your child’s education is when they are still young. The first step is to assess your child’s skills and learning abilities. Every child is born with innate skills and abilities. And, when you understand your child’s abilities, you can make plans to pace their education better. Getting your child on their fastest track is more important than you may imagine. When you put your child on their fastest track at an early age, you are giving them a great opportunity to flourish and climb the ladder of success in life much faster.

How Important is Fast Track Learning?

Students on their fastest track will have better and easier access to AP classes. They will also have the opportunity to be taught by better teachers. More importantly, students on their fastest track get to learn together with other top students and interact with them. This helps them be competitive while also learning from each other. Most high-performing students take advantage of the circumstances around them, and they tend to do better when there is tough competition. It drives them to be more focused and determined.

Fast track math students will have different options when it comes to the AP classes they can take. Each of these classes can add 5-grade points to their overall GPA. The fast-tracked math/science students can access AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Statistics. Many of our students score high in all of these classes and we are really proud of them. Fast-tracked Language Arts students on the fast track can take AP U.S History, AP World History, AP European History, AP Government, AP Literature, and AP English language.

Lafayette Academy is Here to Help Your Child Get on Their Fastest Track Learning

We can help to assess your child’s abilities and skills. Plus, we can assist you in making the best possible decision for your child. If you think your child needs to face bigger academic challenges, reach out to us. Our programs require only a few visits per week and a few hours of work at home. Contact us today at Lafayette Academy to discuss your child’s future.