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Shadow Classes®

Shadow Classes® are small group tutoring sessions in Moraga, Lafayette, and ONLINE

Shadow Classes® are weekly, small group tutoring sessions that shadow specific subjects at Acalanes, Campo, Las Lomas, Miramonte, OIS, San Ramon Valley, and Stanley.  Subject-specific classes meet in one of our centers or online and are led by gifted and expert instructors, most of whom are intimately familiar with each school’s curriculum.  Here are some of the features that make these small group tutoring sessions special:

  • Our instructors collaborate with each other to ensure that we’re teaching “best of breed” strategies in each class.
  • We add FREE Shadow Classes if there’s an upcoming test that doesn’t coincide with one of our existing class times.
  • Our instructors explain the difficult concepts that the Shadow Class students need help with.
  • We preview upcoming material when our instructors realize that students may need a head start.
  • Lafayette Academy always personalizes instruction, and our tutors genuinely care about and get to know their students.

Shadow Classes are $196/month ($49/week per class). The fee is only $40/week if you pre-pay for the semester.


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“We get to study with our friends and it’s an easy way to stay on top of our harder subjects.”  Gina C.

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“I thought they were very informative and they helped me for later in the week. I also had fun so I enjoyed it.” Julianna D.

“I love that the tutors really care about our success, not only in a particular class but life in general. It is a great program and has helped me a lot.”

“It’s great to have a scheduled time every week for all the stuff you didn’t get during class. My shadow classes were really really helpful!” Lauren H.

“Your staff is wonderful and they know how to teach. They all help with any questions and everything.” Maddy M.

“It was hard at first. But with my fellow Shadow classmates and my tutor helping me, I finally got it! Lafayette Academy is GREAT!” Patrick J.

“Spanish became easier to understand and it became so much easier to get an A.” Joe H.

“The Shadow Class teacher’s passion for teaching has resulted in our rising grades. Kudos!” Navid H.

“They helped me to improve my skills in all of my classes.” Anonymous

“They helped me understand the concepts better and it was lots of fun.” Julianne K.

“Not only can I catch up with things I missed in class, but I can get ahead and finally understand what the teacher is trying to say while the rest of the class struggles.” Anonymous

“I like the teacher and the amazing learning experience!” Evan W.

“Before I started taking these shadow classes, I was struggling immensely. Now it all makes sense.” Mike W.

“I can spend as much time as I need getting help on individual problems that I didn’t understand.” Katie K.

“I learned stuff in this class my teacher never covered.” Melanie A.

“I was confused, and my grades weren’t the greatest. Now Spanish makes sense and is fun!” Tart T.

“Fun environment and very helpful. I learned a lot, especially in bio.” Jackie B.

“They improved my grades a lot and were a great way to learn. Everything is great. I had a fun year and I’ll be back again.” Cam A.

“I liked how much Matt was willing to help. I really appreciated his help in Spanish. I think the shadow classes are excellent.” Lauren B.

“I am comfortable with the material for once.” Sean W. “I liked them because they raised my grades and were very enjoyable.” Ben E.

Do you and your friends have a Shadow Class request for the 2nd semester? Call 284-1644.


Potential Subjects for Small Group Tutoring Sessions AKA Shadow Classes®
Math – Middle School, Algebra 1, Algebra 2,  Advanced Algebra 2, Algebra 2/PreCalc Honors, Geometry, Geometry Honors, PreCalc, Trig, Calc AB, AP Stats
Science – Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chem,  Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics
Foreign Language – Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish IV, French 2, French 3
History – AP U.S. History, AP Euro History, AP World History
Small Group Tutoring Classes The last time we surveyed our Shadow Class students, 91% said that their grades were one or two letters higher thanks to our classes! Small Group Tutoring Online


Shadow Classes vary week to week depending on what’s going on in class. When students have an upcoming test, we’ll focus on test preparation and strategy. When students are studying a tough chapter, we’ll explain key topics, answer questions, and offer hands-on practice or discussion. If a challenging topic is on the horizon, we’ll preview the material. Our Shadow Classes are the most focused small group tutoring sessions … anywhere!

Our gifted instructors couple the local curriculum with their deep subject knowledge and tutoring experience to help students understand complicated topics. Moreover, our instructors collaborate to ensure that each tutor benefits from our collective experience and knowledge.  Instructors have included graduates and current students from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, Stanford, St. Mary’s, and other top schools, with degrees such as aerospace engineering, British History, philosophy, pre-med, applied mathematics, chemical biology, political science, and more.

Our instructors monitor student progress and mentor them as needed. We have helped many students in Lamorinda and Danville make significant process while having fun learning.

Lafayette Academy is also looking to offer online small group tutoring for the tri-valley area. Schools in Dublin, Pleasanton, and San Ramon use many of the same textbooks that we have in the Lamorinda area and in the San Ramon Valley school district. Our instructors are intimately familiar with this material, and we have created proprietary worksheets that make a huge difference for our students.  If you happen to see online ads for Lafayette Academy in the tri-valley, it is not an accident.  We can help your students get better grades and reduce their stress.

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