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In-Person in Lafayette for Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, and Nearby Communities

Online tutors for Lamorinda and surrounding areas. Local School Experts!


Summer tutoring for kindergarten to junior high students can be the difference between academic excellence and less than stellar performance. Our mission is to catalyze academic excellence and performance for all East Bay students who participate in our highly-rated and well-recognized programs.

Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Berkeley summer tutoring  (online or in-person or small classes) for K-8 students is the most efficacious method for your child or children to excel. As parents know, the K-8 years are the foundation for academic knowledge, thinking skills, and character-building (which ultimately fuel personal confidence and pride in performance). Our summer tutoring programs are a summer school unto themselves – under the direction of expert, local tutors who are deeply familiar with subjects as they are taught locally. Our learning center is located in Lafayette, serving for many years towns throughout the East Bay.

Online summer tutoring programs for Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and Berkeley — online learning with our master tutors is so convenient for students all across the East Bay and, as well, the South and North Bay areas. We strive to be the best, most innovative online K-8 and high school tutoring center in the Bay Area, and nationally. Please join us this summer. Call for more information or use our handy registration form.

Summer 2022Summer 2022

Summer 2022

It’s time to put the pandemic behind you. Our Lafayette and online summer students will catch up or get ahead. Lafayette Academy offers personalized programs that respond to students’ skill gaps or recognize advancement opportunities.


  • Students can advance up to one grade level in our K-8 programs after 18 – 24 visits. Progress varies by student and program.