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Do you need a tutor to help you excel in school? Perhaps you want a tutor for your child? In either case, it is important to know what to expect from tutors.  Here are some of the most important offerings a tutor should realistically be able to provide:

Local Knowledge

There are national tutoring companies who do not make ANY effort to understand local schools or teachers. Sometimes, local tutors don’t pay attention either. Often, teachers have their own nuances and it is important for tutors to be dialed in. Lafayette Academy is your “local learning center”, and that is not a marketing slogan. We are dialed in to the local schools, particularly the public high schools. Our tutors know when tests are coming, what different teachers expect, and what topics specifically challenge local students. Of course, we have all the textbooks, but a genuine understanding of the local schools goes beyond the textbooks. We have been around since 1991 (since 2003 with the current owners) and we have catalogued a tremendous amount of information that we use to help our students. Our “tutoring curriculum” is a unique tool that we intend to leverage as we selectively target new markets that use “our” textbooks.

Encouraging Discussions

When you work with a tutor, you should also expect to feel encouraged when you talk. This means that when a topic is broached where you struggle, you do not feel discouraged. Your tutor should be able to break down the topic into digestible bits, encouraging your questions as you go. The more you two talk, the more confidence you should feel about that topic.

Realistic Expectations

You and your tutor should have realistic expectations of what your tutoring will accomplish. Do you expect to be able to go into a class you know nothing about and get straight A’s in no time at all? That may be beyond what any tutor can do.

However, if you expect to go from struggling with a topic to having a solid working knowledge of that topic, that is very realistic. The tutor should also have expectations that fall within reason instead of being too high or too low. If your tutor promises you can go from failing to advanced classes in a month, this is not realistic.

If you want to have help getting a solid grasp of classes you struggle with, or you want that type of knowledge for your child, reach out to us here at Lafayette Academy. We will work with you or your child on topics they struggle with to get them to their best possible level of understanding.