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Because many colleges are not requiring ACT and SAT scores this year, your AP scores may be more important than ever!

Parents of AP students often think their children are advanced in many subjects, even beyond what they have AP classes in. However, this is not always the case. Some AP students are great in one or two subjects, but struggle in other subjects. Other AP students may get a lot of an AP subject, but struggle with some of the smaller concepts within that subject. Either way, in instances like these, a tutor may be the best way to help.

All Students Can Benefit from Tutoring

Whether your children are taking high school AP courses or middle school math classes, tutoring can help them get a firmer grasp on the subject. Even kids are seeing the benefits of tutoring, as during many virtual classes, they are tutoring each other. All kids can get a deeper understanding of topics, and it will only help them as they move into the future.

AP students are different, however. There are larger expectations put on these students because of their advanced placement. This could result in students being uncomfortable asking for help from others. They do not want to let anyone down or feel inferior by asking for help. This is when a parent or teacher may want to step in and offer assistance.

Tutoring can help kids of all ages, not just AP students. However, turning to tutoring early could result in your children becoming AP students later in life. Simply providing them with a solid foundation can help change their entire educational path, putting them on a path to higher levels of success than they were destined for originally.

Lafayette Academy Is Here to Help Your AP Student

Not all AP students will end up needing a tutor. However, for the ones that do, we are here to help. Here at Lafayette Academy, we can help your child reach the top of his or her own potential. Whether they need help within their AP classes or on an outside subject, we can help. Contact us today so your child can empower themselves to do their absolute best now, and in the future.