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Why is Lafayette Academy Your #1 Tutoring Option

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Our Unique Tutoring Model

We focus on local curriculum and the best ways to help students understand challenging concepts. Our growing slack channels feature the most innovative ways to explain specific topics that have challenged our students. We prepare our students to ace their tests and earn higher grades. Other companies brag about technology, mentoring, and other aspects of tutoring that don’t relate to grasping concepts and acing tests.

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Local Learning Centers

Our Shadow Classes and Final Exam Crams focus on local high school classes. Our instructors are intimately familiar with the local curriculum, including local alumni who remember their high school classes and teachers.  We have developed curriculum that is specifically targeted to solve the problems that students encounter, year after year. We are applying these same strategies to online tutoring.

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Differentiated Instruction

Whether you sign up for a class or one-on-one tutoring, our instruction is differentiated. Our Shadow Classes and Final Exam Crams™ are school specific, our Test Prep classes are organized by ability level, and our one-on-one private tutoring begins with a learning styles assessment so we can teach to each student’s strengths. If you want a “factory” approach to education, you’re in the wrong place.

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Our ACT & SAT Prep

Many students have dramatically increased their ACT & SAT scores at Lafayette Academy! How do we do it? We organize students by assessment scores, differentiate instruction, monitor weekly homework, give and analyze 3 practice tests, and then provide 3 hours of tutoring to review the tests. Our students’ huge score improvements are not an accident.

What Our Students/Parents Say

Spencer’s SAT scores really improved – to the extent that had he gone to one of the state schools, he didn’t have to take the entrance/placement exams. Thank you for your fine program! I’m sure we will be using you again with our daughter!

Molly D., Acalanes Mom

Thank you so much for your help! I got my scores back; I got 690 in Critical Reading, 740 in Math, and 800 in Writing…a 2230! I really appreciate everything you have done. Thanks again!

Caroline Y. , Carondelet

I always know that I can count on Lafayette Academy when my sons need help! It has been great and I thank you. You provide a wonderful service to the students. Matt is our youngest so we won’t be coming anymore but I will definitely refer Lafayette Academy!!

Mrs. C, De La Salle Mom

Kevin really enjoyed Gordon who tutored him in Physics this year. Excellent tutor! With regard to his SAT prep, Kevin was well prepared for the test and liked that the course started in the summer prior to his junior year. Overall Kevin’s experience with Lafayette has been very fruitful and worthwhile.

Margaret T., Monte Vista Mom