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Private Tutoring


Helping  Students  Keep Up or Get  Ahead

Our Private Tutoring Is Different

  • We have expert tutors who are intimately familiar with the local curriculum. They do NOT wing it.
  • We continue to enhance our unique “private tutoring curriculum” that features the best ways to explain confusing topics.
  • Our lead tutors know how to explain common problem areas in ways that work! Plus, they mentor our newer tutors.
  • We identify each student’s unique learning style(s) and tailor our sessions accordingly. This matters!
  • Our tutors know the local textbooks and we target other school districts that use the same materials (e.g. Big Ideas Math)
  • Our online, private tutoring has also become a focal point for Lafayette Academy & our students love it!


Our Group & Private Tutoring Services Are Flexible and Affordable

  • Our tutors are available throughout the day 6 days a week.  Once we learn about your child, we will find you a great match.
  • Our tutors are intimately familiar with the local curriculum (and many of the teachers) in Lamorinda and the San Ramon Valley School District, particularly at Acalanes, Campo, Miramonte, and San Ramon Valley.
  • We KNOW our tutors. Many have worked in our centers for years, and now some of them are also ONLINE! We have a small team who interviews everyone so you will not face the inconsistency that plagues the larger tutoring companies. Plus, our tutors have aced difficult placement tests.
  • Our rates vary from $40/hour (for prepaid Shadow Classes) – $69/hour for private tutoring. We will also help families with financial challenges.


Grades K-8 Programs: Master Math  Intentional  Writers    Strategic Reading

We offer three important programs for K-8 students: Master Math, Strategic Reading, and Intentional Writers.

All programs are assessment-based to identify and correct any skill gaps that may have emerged during Covid or beforeWe GUARANTEE that your students will catch up or get ahead!

  • The foundations for our K-8 programs are innovative, state-of-the-art online platforms that were developed at Stanford University (even this Cal Bear gives it a huge thumbs up!).
  • However, these are not “computer-only” programs. Each student works with a teacher who is familiar with local standards and benchmarks.
  • Master Math, Intentional Writers, and Strategic Reading will also help students with whatever they are currently learning in school (during the school year).
  • We also provide supplemental materials that are informed by each student’s learning style.
  • We regularly assess our students to ensure that they’re making progress. You will see noticeable improvements.
  • Private tutoring is also available for elementary & middle school students.


Our Philosophy & Other Important Considerations 

  • Many of you know us well and probably don’t need to read the list below. Still, we want to make sure that everyone fully understands our commitment to your children. Simply stated, we will do whatever it takes to help your son or daughter (or both) thrive in school.  
  • Our tutors won’t just “tutor.” If necessary, they will coach or mentor your children to identify any issues that might impact learning.
  • Our relaxed, fun approach is not just designed to attract students. It’s conducive to learning because a relaxed learner gets and retains concepts more easily than one who is stressed out. What happens to your memory when you’re stressed?
  • Our tutors are the “adults” in the relationship. More than ever, your children need extra guidance to ensure that they remain focused on the work. More than ever, you need help from us because of the demands that have been placed upon you. For example, we won’t placate children who simply want us to help them with their homework. Our job is to explain the material so well that students can complete their own homework in a timely fashion.
  • Our tutors include young college graduates from top schools, current and retired teachers, local college students who recently achieved 4+ GPAs in high school, and many other people with interesting backgrounds and impressive credentials. We can always find a great match for your child.
  • We tutor most subjects, 6 days a week.
  • We offer same-day tutoring.
  • You don’t need to sign a contract or pay an upfront fee to start with Lafayette Academy.  We’re a community service first, business second.
  • Again, we will help you if you’re facing a financial challenge. You can email me directly at mark@lafayetteacademy.com or our office at info@lafayetteacademy.com. Needless to say, all discussions are confidential; neither the tutor nor your child would know of any payment arrangements.
  • In case you haven’t figured this out, we genuinely care about our community and the families who trust us with their children.  Thanks for sticking with us through the pandemic.


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