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Algebra 2 “Tutoring Curriculum”

Online Algebra 2 Tutoring (all levels) for …


Lamorinda, Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton, and all schools using “Big Ideas Math” textbooks!


Lafayette Academy’s online Algebra 2 tutoring helped many students get higher grades.

How did we do it?

  • Our staff has years of experience tutoring all levels of Algebra 2 (Advanced, w/ Trig, w/ PreCalc, and w/Trig Honors)
  • Our senior staff and outside experts have recently completed a best practices tutoring curriculum for Algebra 2.
  • The curriculum is specifically designed to help students overcome the exact challenges they face (year after year).
  • Our students are also better prepared for ACT and SAT math, tests that include a lot of Algebra 2 questions.

There are many ways to teach most topics, which begs the question, how do you know if your child’s tutor is using one of the best methods? Is the tutor responding to your child’s specific challenges and learning style? At Lafayette Academy, we can answer both of those questions with an emphatic yes! Our curriculum is the result of extensive analysis and research, and our own experiences, to ensure that we can help any Algebra 2 student understand challenging concepts. Plus, we assess our students’ learning styles and tailor our instruction accordingly.

Online Algebra 2 Tutoring

Some Early Feedback

Last year, we heard from a few long-time Lafayette Academy students: “When I first looked at the worksheet, I was overwhelmed and a little mad because I thought I was supposed to figure it out myself. But then C. explained it to me, and I owned differentials. I wish I had started tutoring earlier because these worksheets are amazing.” Ashley S. Acalanes “I almost canceled my appointment when I heard I was seeing a new tutor. I’m still not sure if he’s a good tutor, but I don’t care because those worksheets are amazing. I’m totally ready for my quiz. Thanks to whoever wrote that worksheet. Do the Shadow Classes have the worksheets?” Mike B. Campo This year, we will expand our Algebra 1 and Calculus AB curriculum, along with a few other high-demand subjects. We will also add a few more features to our Shadow Classes to help students have game plans to achieve higher grades.  We want to leave as little to chance as possible.

More Benefits for Your Children …and You

You will see your teen’s math confidence soar and allow her or him to approach future concepts with less anxiety. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and instruction to master a new concept and approach it without fear. You will see more A’s and more smiles as Lafayette Academy becomes the place for Algebra tutoring. Request an Algebra 2 tutor today. Throughout the school year, we will continue to enhance our curriculum for other high-demand subjects.

Last spring, there were a lot of shocked students, parents, and college counselors when admissions decisions were received, particularly from the University of California schools. Because the ACT and SAT tests are no longer required by the U.C. schools, thousands more students applied for admission and the bar was clearly raised above previous years. Although non-academic factors influenced admissions decisions, grades are more important than ever because you cannot offset a few poor grades with stellar ACT or SAT scores.  This year, we will work harder (and smarter) than ever to help your students ace their classes. Stay tuned.

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Another “Aha!” moment at Lafayette Academy

Algebra 2 Curriculum Algebra 2 Topics

 We have exceptional tutors available in Lafayette and Online for Online Algebra 2 Tutoring.






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