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Everyone understands the importance of education. Most people don’t recognize subtle differences in their children’s educations.

When students graduate high school, they will be 17 or 18 years old and (hopefully) ready to take the next step. How successful that next step is, as well as the ones that follow, depends on the quality of their education up to that point. The right tutoring is an invaluable tool in the parental playbook when it comes to how to help your children get the most out of their education.

One on One Attention

When your child is sick, you schedule a private appointment with a pediatrician. He or she examines your child, makes a diagnosis, and sets forth a treatment plan. The rest is history. Can you imagine how challenging it would be for Doctors to help patients in group settings? Many students fall behind in school for the simple fact that they do not get the individualized attention they need. This is especially important when children have one subject that they struggle in, like math or reading. Our Tutors diagnose your child’s individual issues and respond accordingly.

Learning at Your Own Level

Another fantastic benefit is that children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, on their own level. The fact of the matter is that some people are more adept at certain subjects than others. For example, your child may excel at the sciences but struggle with history or English. Other students may shine in history and other memory-based subjects, but have a harder time with math. Individualized lessons with a tutor can help no matter where the struggles lie. Our tutors help your children develop to the best of their innate ability. We do not set a goal that we make your child reach. Instead, we set goals with your child and help him or her fulfill her or his potential. As our students succeed, their confidence and self-esteem soar!

Focus on Problem Areas

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000-hour rule for someone to achieve expertise in a given field. Don’t worry, we’re not going to recommend 10,000 hours of tutoring! The point here is that it take a lot of time and focus on a problem area to conquer it.  Many times, it is nothing more than finding a new perspective to make a subject easier to process. In some cases, it is the way a subject is presented to the student, rather than the material itself which makes it difficult for them to learn. Our tutors help students relentlessly focus on their problem areas until they achieve success. Again, this breeds more confidence and self-esteem.

Here at Lafayette Academy, we work to make sure that our students get the tools they need to succeed. Simply contact us to find out more about the individualized solutions we have to offer.