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Digital SAT Test FAQ & Digital ACT FAQ

The Digital SAT Test 

We have dispensed ACT and SAT advice for the past 20 years. We do whatever research or analysis is necessary to help our families make the right decisions for their children.  We keep it simple and give you the information that you need. Period.

College-bound students in the classes of 2024 and 2025 should consider a fall 2023 SAT test.  It is your last chance to take the SAT (class of 2024) or your last chance to take it on paper (class of 2025).

We gave similar advice in 2016 before the College Board changed the SAT from the 2,400-point version to the current 1,600-point test: take the known test while you can. Many of our students scored high enough on the 2400 point SAT to ignore the new version.

Starting in 2024, the digital SAT will be the only SAT test option.  The digital SAT comes with uncertainty because nobody has a track record with this test.  That is why students should prepare for the known commodity this fall, and keep their options open for the spring.

If you have additional questions, feel free to  call or email.  You can also read the College Board’s FAQ.

AND, if you’re wondering why your son or daughter is taking any test, click here for additional information on this topic.

Digital SAT






What about the digital PSAT? 

The Fall 2023 PSAT will be digital, but most students do not need to prepare for the PSAT. If your son or daughter is near the top of the class, please contact us. We will recommend a different plan because he or she should prep for the digital PSAT. 

Still curious?

Click here for the College Board’s digital PSAT practice test.




The Digital ACT Test 

The ACT folks are moving more slowly than the College Board, so students have more flexibility with the ACT. Beginning December 2023, students will have the option to take a digital ACT, but the paper version will be available indefinitely. Click on “more flexibility with the ACT” if you would like to learn more about ACT.org’s plans.

If you want to take the ACT, we strongly encourage you to plan for a paper version since we KNOW how to prepare you for that test. Then, if you feel more confident with an online test, you can absolutely add the digital version to your standardized tests calendar.

We offer free practice tests for the ACT and SAT to help you choose the right test, and we will be offering free digital versions as well.



1)      Who are your instructors?

We have a wide variety of test prep instructors. Our best instructors teach our classes and handle most students who purchase private tutoring packages. Most of these instructors have a lot of SAT/ACT experience and they have received in-depth training at Lafayette Academy. Notably, we do NOT let instructors with previous ACT or SAT teaching experience “do their own thing.” Our curriculum has been tested, refined, and proven over and over again (because we always adapt to the most recent trends on the ACT and SAT).

2)      Do you have a guarantee?

We guarantee that every student will make significant progress if he or she actively participates in the program. Moreover, we will do whatever it takes to help our dedicated students achieve their full potential on the ACT or SAT. This includes monitoring everyone’s progress and proactively offering free supplemental support if we’re not satisfied with someone’s improvement. We live in the community and we genuinely like our students and want to see them do well. This is way more important than a specific score guarantee with lots of fine print. 

3)      What happens if my son or daughter misses a class?

During the academic year, we typically offer midweek makeup classes because we don’t want anyone to fall behind. These classes are not as differentiated as our normal sessions so we don’t encourage students to miss a lot of classes. During the summer, you need to find other dates or classes to make up missed classes.

4)      What happens if a student misses an assessment?

We often offer makeup the following week. Check with the front desk and we will work with you to find a time to make up the assessment.

5)      What curriculum do you use?

We have a unique, carefully crafted curriculum that has helped thousands of students achieve huge score improvements. We regularly update the curriculum in response to recent trends we observe on the ACT or SAT or in response to student performance. Our curriculum is adaptable to the needs of all students whether they are struggling or excelling. Most importantly, we organize our students based on their ability levels and differentiate the instruction.

6)     Which test should my son or daughter take?

Feel free to call us to discuss your son or daughter’s situation because there is no “one answer fits all” for this question. We encourage students to take a practice test for both the ACT and SAT, and then decide.

7)     What sort of follow-up do you offer after the official test has been taken?

After the official test, your son or daughter is welcome to come back to attend the free review workshops that we offer before most tests. These workshops are exclusively available to students who were enrolled in one of our test prep programs, AND we personalize the workshops as much as possible.  In some cases, we also recommend additional private tutoring.

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse our services.
*ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse our services.



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