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Limited Space in our Comprehensive College Admissions Program


Our Comprehensive College Admissions Counseling program sold out for the class of 2023 (for the 7th class in a row!). We are down to only four openings for the classes of 2024 and 2025, and a few more for the class of 2026.

Lafayette Academy offers a comprehensive, personalized program for college admissions. Starting with the class of 2025, we will only work with 12-15 students per year. If your son or daughter is in the classes of 2024-2028, you can submit a form today to request a spot in our program. FYI, we do not have an over-the-top college counselor who thinks every student needs to start prepping in middle school to attend an Ivy League college. We have a lot of demand for our comprehensive college admissions service, and you need to enroll early to get a spot. ALL services are provided online. Rising seniors can also check out our CAL program, a scaled back version of our complete package.

College Admissions Counselor Kathy Bressler

That’s Kathy

College Admissions

Kathy’s 1st four “clients” and her trophy husband.