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6 Reasons to Request Tutoring from Lafayette Academy

  1. Our expert, empathetic tutors do NOT wing it.
  2. Our tutors collaborate on Slack, so everyone gets the benefit of our collective knowledge.
  3. Our growing curriculum library features the BEST WAYS to explain key topics
  4. We EXPLAIN topics and WATCH our students arrive at the correct answers. What a concept!
  5. We identify students’ unique learning styles and tailor our sessions when appropriate.
  6. We care. We genuinely care. We continue to elevate our in-person and online instruction.



Even More Reasons to Choose Lafayette Academy

  1. Our tutors are available throughout the day 6 days a week.
  2. Our tutors are very familiar with local teachers, especially the ones who deviate from the norm.
  3. We are “Big Ideas Math” experts (textbooks used by many schools).
  4. We actually KNOW our online tutors, and they all aced difficult placement tests.
  5. We have a small team to interview everyone.
  6. We quietly help families with financial challenges.


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