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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Lafayette Academy for Tutoring

  1. Our tutors are intimately familiar with the local schools’ curricula, including the most important textbooks!
  2. Our tutors share information on Slack, including the most effective methods to teach challenging concepts. Guess who benefits?
  3. Most of our students earn grades that are one or two letters higher than where they would be without us.
  4. We have a variety of tutors in-person and online, so we can find a great match for your son or daughter.
  5. We encourage our tutors to chill with their students, and we have popcorn in Lafayette. This helps students get higher grades with LESS stress.



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Our tutors know the Acalanes and Stanley curriculum and how it’s tested. Many of our tutors also know the curriculum at Campo, Las Lomas, Miramonte, JM, and OIS. We utilize a variety of resources including curriculum worksheets and videos that our tutors have compiled based on their extensive experiences with local students.  We know the problems that students typically encounter, and we’re ready for them!

Our Lafayette and Lamorinda tutors have collectively helped thousands of students at Acalanes, Stanley, Miramonte, OIS, Campo, JM, and many of the Lafayette elementary schools.  Online tutoring at Lafayette Academy will feel quite similar to the tutoring people have received for years in our centers.

We make learning engaging, relevant, and fun.  Our tutors use flexible approaches based on each child’s learning to ensure a more custom and effective learning experience. We also give you the flexibility to choose a schedule that works best for you and your child, in one of our learning centers or online.  There are many tutors to choose from, which means there will (almost) always be someone available to help your child. Finally, we are proud of our years-long support of the entire Lamorinda community, including many schools, LPIE, and the Chamber of Commerce (even though networking isn’t our forte).

Lafayette Academy offers the best online tutoring because we’re online and local. Our online tutors are intimately familiar with the schools they serve, even if they live remotely. For years, Lafayette Academy has been the local learning center for various cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have brought our local expertise online, creating a new class of tutors: “local, online tutors.”

For “popular” subjects (ones for which we have a lot of demand), we have introduced “tutor leaders” who follow that subject at various schools. Tutor leaders will post relevant information in our private Slack channels, including the best ways to explain complex topics to students.  Often, we will have multiple worksheets for a given topic, so we can help students with different learning styles. Our super tutors also post insights about specific teachers and upcoming tests. If your high school has a Biology teacher who dances to his own drummer, we will know how to help you.

Sometimes, leader tutors rely on other tutors to obtain or create worksheets, videos, and other teaching tools that help our students.  All of this information gathering elevates newer tutors to levels that approach our most experienced tutors. For students, this is hugely important because you can work with any Lafayette Academy tutor and have access to the greatest tutoring worksheets known to mankind.  Hyperbole?  Maybe not.  We have yet to hire a tutor who had worked at another tutoring company with a comparable database! [Note: our curriculum development process is more involved than we have described here because we don’t want to give away all of our secrets.]

We will bring this local approach to new markets as we expand online. For this reason, we are growing surgically, with a focus on school districts using the textbooks that we know best. We hope that our unique approaches to tutoring will inspire new students to bring their friends to Lafayette Academy. Then, we can fully realize our local school-oriented tutoring ecosystem.

Lafayette Academy hopes to become a “local” learning center in all of its markets.

The Best Online Tutoring. Period.

This is a bold statement, but one that we embrace.  When your son or daughter works with an online tutor at Lafayette Academy, he or she is supported by a team of people dedicated to each student’s success. Many tutoring companies claim to differentiate themselves, but in the end, most of their appointments come down to the interplay between a part-time tutor and a student with a lot on his or her mind.

Free Easy Access Student Edition (easyaccessmaterials.com)

Big Ideas is one of the most popular math textbooks in high schools across the country. It’s one of the textbook publishers we know well, including the exact problems that students will have in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. Imagine the success of a football coach who knows the exact plays that his opponent will run in an upcoming game. That’s Lafayette Academy with Big Ideas Math.




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A Spring 2022 Online Survey at Lafayette Academy

We recently surveyed our online families and all of them are happy with online tutoring at Lafayette Academy, and none want to switch to in-person sessions.  Here are a few representative comments: “online is going great and very convenient;” “very pleased with tutoring provided by A.B.;” “It is just as helpful as in-person tutoring.”  We realize that we are not the first online tutoring provider, and we are doing everything we can to differentiate Lafayette Academy and instill in our families the same confidence they have when they come to our centers.

When our tutors collaborate, they focus on the best ways to teach complicated topics. Students might not see the collaboration, but they reap the benefits.  We focus on local schools wherever we are: Lamorinda and Danville since 2004, including the same “Big Ideas Math” textbooks that are used throughout Dublin, Pleasanton, and San Ramon.   We know the concepts and problems that students struggle with (and why), and our tutors are ready to inspire “aha” moments from your children! Don’t wait to contact us – our best tutors may be completely booked by mid-August.

Our Online Tutoring

Contact us today and we will help your children gain academic confidence and earn higher grades. Our online tutors for all Lamorinda, Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek are expert tutors who are very familiar with and fluent in local school materials and methods. This means you as a K-12 student receive the best quality virtual teaching that follows your school academic curricula. For all our online tutoring services our approach is to provide powerful learning and guidance that truly elevates your comprehension and subject-mastery skills, even your thinking skills. Online tutors teaching students from across the SF Bay Area are being utilized every day, and our virtual tutors at Lafayette Academy are very popular. They are also extraordinarily successful in working with students of all levels – whatever the purpose of their tutoring. Popular tutors who catalyze deep academic progress and success — that’s our daily mission.

Online tutoring for kids in East Bay towns and from across the San Francisco Bay Area is sought for everyday as students and parents turn to the power of one-on-one personal tutoring (or shadow classes) combined with the convenience of online meeting. Please contact us today or use our online tutoring request form to contact us. Have we used the expression contact us enough to satisfy the SEO folks?