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Our Tutoring Is Different … Really! 

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  1. We have expert tutors for individuals, small groups, and Lafayette Academy Shadow Classes® , and we do NOT wing it.
  2. We have tools to ensure that our tutors ARE THE MOST EFFECTIVE TUTORS … ANYWHERE! Please take a moment to learn more …
  3. We are growing our curriculum library with the BEST WAYS to explain topics that typically confuse students.
  4. Our lead tutors are highly experienced and already know most of the common problem areas. They’re the ones who are building our curriculum library. Our students experience many “aha” moments during their tutoring sessions or Shadow Classes.
  5. We identify each student’s unique learning style(s) and tailor our sessions when appropriate.
  6. We care. We genuinely care. We want your children to succeed, without stress to them or you.



Our Tutoring Services Are Flexible and Affordable.

  1. Our tutors are available throughout the day 7 days a week. Tell us what you need and we will find you a great match. We handle all of the logistics, including contacting your children (if you want us to) if they don’t show up for a session.
  2. Our tutors are intimately familiar with the local curriculum (and many of the teachers) in Lamorinda and the San Ramon Valley School District, particularly at Acalanes, Campo, Miramonte, Monte Vista, and San Ramon Valley. We also have many “Big Ideas Math” experts (math textbooks used by many schools).
  3. We KNOW our tutors. Many have worked in our centers and now they’re in our centers and ONLINE! We have a small team who interviews everyone so you will not face the inconsistency that plagues the larger tutoring companies. Plus, our tutors ace difficult placement tests before they can tutor at Lafayette Academy.
  4. Our rates vary from $40/hour (for prepaid Shadow Classes) to $69/hour for private tutoring. We will also help families with financial challenges.

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