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K-8 Education, One Student at a Time


Grade Level Advancement Starts This Summer … Online & in Lafayette

Lafayette Academy offers comprehensive programs that help K-8 students boost their grade levels in math, reading, and writing. Our programs combine actionable assessments with engaging instruction to ensure long-term student progress.   We combine state-of-the-art technology with outstanding teachers to help each student dramatically improve her or his academic fundamentals. 

We are not an “over-the-top” learning center for “Ivy League or bust” parents. Our K-8 education programs help each student reach his or her academic potential.  Students who enter high school on a faster track complete AP courses with higher achievers and compile stronger resumes for college admissions. Helping your children early has lifelong benefits!

K-8 Education Programs Structure

  1. Students complete assessments that are correlated to State Standards and Benchmarks.
  2. Our education director creates a personalized learning program for each student.
  3. Our teachers meet with students twice a week in one-on-one or small group sessions.
  4. We assess regularly to ensure that your child makes real progress.

K-8 Education

 “Master Math” for Elementary & Middle School Math Tutoring

  • Redbird Math from McGraw-Hill is an amazing program that was developed at Stanford. It is the foundation of our Master Math program
  • Redbird Math is an adaptive program with personalized instruction for each student based on his or her level.
  • Students work with experienced teachers, a hallmark of our K-8 education division.

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“Strategic Reading” Comprehension for K-8 Students

  • Strategic Reading is driven by Redbird Language Arts & Writing, an innovative, adaptive assessment-based program that meets your child at his or her reading level. Redbird was developed at Stanford and adjusts to each student’s individual needs.
  • Lafayette Academy’s goal is to nurture your child into becoming a “strategic reader” so he or she can comprehend and retain increasingly difficult texts.
  • Our friendly, attentive tutors are highly trained to personally guide your child towards improving her or his reading comprehension skills. You will see verifiable results and, more importantly, more confidence and academic self-esteem.

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Writing for Elementary & Middle School Students (“Intentional  Writing”)

  • Intentional Writing utilizes the adaptive technology of Redbird Language Arts and Writing to help young students develop their writing and grammar skills. This platform was developed at Stanford and is grounded in more than 25 years of research.
  • Lafayette Academy’s goal is to nurture your children into becoming “intentional writers” so they can express themselves in a clear and concise manner. We accomplish this by identifying and closing foundational writing gaps that prevent children from finding their writing voice and style.
  • Our students develop a well-rounded appreciation for the power of the penand more confidence.
  • Our attentive tutors are trained to help your child improve his or her writing style, grammar skills, and vocabulary.

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Why  Lafayette  Academy?

  • We have experienced, personable, and empathetic teachers who complete extensive training for each program.
  • Our personalized assessments reveal skill gaps that are addressed in our programs; we will also incorporate students’ learning style(s).
  • Our instructors regularly monitor your child’s progress, another hallmark of our K-8 education division.
  • Our instructors will incorporate study skills, and mentoring (when necessary) with subject-specific help.


The (not so) Fine  Print

  • Each session is 55 minutes, long enough to be meaningful and short enough to keep your son or daughter’s attention.
  • You can purchase 18 or 36 session packages: 18 sessions are $79/hour ($1,422 + assessments); 36 sessions are $69/hour ($2,484), includes ongoing assessments). As always, we will help you make the right decision for your child.
  • Initial comprehensive assessments are $150. All other assessments are complementary.

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