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AP Exam Crams


AP Exam scores may be more important than ever, and that’s not hyperbole!

Your AP test scores matter because many schools have removed ACT and SAT scores from their admissions criteria. Admissions officers may need to factor AP scores into their admissions decisions, especially when they are making borderline calls.  Even before the Pandemic and recent announcements about the ACT and SAT tests, several well-known schools (including Cal and the University of Chicago) had factored AP scores into their admissions decisions.


What is AP Exam Cram?

AP Exam Cram is a series of subject-specific 2-hour review sessions that help students get higher scores on their AP tests. Our experienced, knowledgeable instructors review the course material and highlight the most important topics to prepare students for test day.  Plus, each student receives a comprehensive study packet that complements and supplements the Cram (click onstudy packetto see a few sample pages).

Lafayette Academy has offered Exam Crams for over 18 years, and we have helped well over 25,000 students ace their AP tests and final exams. This is a no-brainer opportunity to help your son or daughter.

AP Exam Cram Weekends:  April 30/May 1 and May 7/8, with over 30 two-hour cram sessions in Lafayette and Online.


Top 5 Reasons to Enroll Today

  1. AP Exam Cram students get higher AP scores that bolster their admissions resume if they’re Sophomores or Juniors.
  2. Higher AP scores come with college credits (saves money &/or provides flexibility), and more scholarship opportunities.
  3. Experienced instructors review and explain the most important topics, including material from earlier in the year.
  4. Crams include a comprehensive review packet for follow-up study the days before your test.
  5. Only $99 for the 2-hour session and study packet.


What students and parents have said about AP Exam Cram

We could post hundreds of testimonials to demonstrate how many people have been helped by AP Exam Cram, but we will just post a few to give you a feel for how much students have appreciated this program.

“Thanks so much for your services, my older daughter, who will be a senior at Pomona College, also benefited from your exam crams for AP classes.” Mrs. W.

“The exam crams were extremely helpful, and I recommend them to all of my friends.” Jamie S. U.C. Irvine

“Because of your shadow classes and exam crams, Olivia (USC) received A’s in both of those courses. As far as I am concerned it was a great investment. Thank you.” Mrs. A.

“Our other son, Jefferson Creek, who also did SAT prep, exam cram and shadow classes is going to the University of Washington.” Mrs. C. (Jeff is now one of our best tutors!)

“The exam crams are a great service. We used a few of them over the years and only once thought it wasn’t worth doing. The rest of the times were great.” Mr. E. (son went to Tufts)

AP Exam Prep

AP Exam Crams are in our Lafayette location and online … right before AP tests.

AP Exam Crams are only $99 for a two-hour Cram session and follow-up study packet.  This is a very small price to pay for higher scores, college credits, and stronger college applications. We have offered AP Exam Cram sessions with follow-up study packets for many years. Hundreds of tutors have contributed their insights to our Crams and packets. If anyone offers better “last minute” exam preparation than Lafayette Academy, we would love to meet her or him.

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