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High AP Scores = College Credits, Tuition Savings, and Expanded Course Choices in College

AP Exam Crams are two-hour review sessions to help students ace their AP tests.

Each AP Exam Cram includes one of our highly coveted study packets that help students with last-minute prep before their test.

Our instructors are intimately familiar with each AP subject, so they know what to focus on during the Cram and in their study packets.

Thousands of students have aced their AP tests thanks to Lafayette Academy’s Exam Crams.

Scoring high on AP exams saves you an average of $1,800 on a 3-credit course. You save as much as $4,200 for a 3-credit course at a top school.

Each credit gets you closer to finishing your degree sooner and/or gives you more scheduling flexibility throughout your college career.

Moreover, if you are a sophomore or junior, your strong AP test scores may help you get into a more exclusive college.

AP Exam Cram

AP Exam Cram students get the highest AP test scores!

Only $99/Exam Cram, including one of our highly coveted follow-up packets!

Thanks so much for your services; my older daughter, who will be a senior at Pomona College, also benefited from your exam crams for AP classes. Katherine W.

“My AP Bio packet was amazing and I got a 4 on my AP test!” Gina C.

“I thought they were very informative and they helped me for later in the week. I also had fun so I enjoyed it.” Julianna D.

“My shadow classes and the Exam Crams were really really helpful!” Lauren H.

“Your staff is wonderful and they know how to teach. They all help with any questions and everything. I did really well on my AP tests” Shane R. 

This is a small selection of testimonials.  Perhaps the best testimony to our Exam Cram programs is the fact that 70% of our students return to Exam Cram, and most people who don’t come back don’t need help or they graduated.

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