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Strategic Reading Program

(Grades 2 – 8)

Lafayette Academy’s Strategic Reading Comprehension Program

Reading comprehension programs are NOT created equal.  Many companies have a series of reading activities that look like a program but aren’t.  We call our program “Strategic Reading” because we teach students carefully crafted reading strategies that work! Our advanced technology enables us to create and modify appropriate and personalized reading strategies for each student.

Strategic Reading is driven by assessment-based software that adapts to each student’s baseline level and then brings the student closer to his or her (or your) objective. Said differently, we meet your child at his or her own reading level and move her or him to higher levels as quickly and sustainably as possible. Our program adjusts to each student’s individual needs, ensuring grade level improvement in a reasonable amount of time. And, we’re talking about real improvements, not ones that are manufactured by flawed assessments!

Your children will experience notable reading comprehension improvement, with verifiable results and, more importantly, real growth in confidence, self-esteem, and school performance. We’re developing young, active readers who learn to consciously read books. Moreover, we will include each student’s unique learning style in the instruction so all Lafayette Academy readers play to their strengths.

Lafayette Academy’s mission is to help students become “strategic readers,” so they can comprehend increasingly complex texts.  Our students will experience less stress and more success throughout their academic careers. Reading Comprehension matters!

The Strategic Reading Comprehension Program Structure

  • Students begin with comprehensive assessments that are correlated with Statewide Standards and Benchmarks.
  • Then, out instructors begin with a personalized learning program.
  • We meet with students 2-5x  per week in mostly one-on-one sessions.
  • Our tutors also help students with any challenges they are having with their current schoolwork. (except during the summer)
  • We provide periodic progress assessments and you will also see improvements in school.

Contact us today for more information on how we can motivate your child and encourage creativity in his or her learning development.

Strategic Reading Comprehension Programs "\Strategic Reading Comprehension Class

Please Read this Important Message

In the past 18 years, Lafayette Academy has helped over 30,000 students of all ability levels. Our job is to help each student get on his or her fastest track!

PLEASE do not respond with a “yeah yeah, whatever;” instead give us 30 more seconds to explain the significance of this point. As students reach middle and high schools, it is a HUGE advantage to be on a faster track. Students with strong reading comprehension skills, who can comfortably take honors and AP classes in high school, get a better education, graduate with higher GPAs, and take classes with higher caliber students. This leads to better options for college where your children can once again be with higher caliber young adults.

Our “Strategic Reading” and “Master Math” programs will help every student get on his or her fastest track.  Our programs combine actionable assessments (to identify the problems) with engaging, personalized instruction that is machine driven, and positive reinforcement from teachers to yield remarkable results for your child.

Lafayette Academy is fully equipped to fill the void in your child’s education. You do not have to watch your children fall behind in their learning progress.  We can give your children the essential tools and resources to achieve accomplishments crucial to their self-esteem, growth, and development. Let us show you how we can make a difference in your child’s life. To get more information on how we can empower your child’s learning experience, please contact us today.

The (not so) Fine Print

  • Each session is 60 minutes, long enough to be meaningful and short enough to keep your son or daughter’s attention.
  • You can purchase 18 or 36-session packages: 18 sessions are $79/hour ($1,422 + assessments); 36 sessions are $69/hour ($2,484), including ongoing assessments). As always, we will help you make the right decision for your child.
  • Comprehensive assessments are $150.

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