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K-8 Programs Registration & Requests

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We cannot stress how important these programs are for young children.

For summer registration, be sure to check the Summer box below in the submit form.

Every student who commits to one of our K-8 programs will improve in READING, WRITING, or MATH.

We apologize if some of our pages look “off.” We had to make some changes,
so you can easily complete our forms on any device. We know what some of you are thinking: really? 2022?

K-8 Programs Registration

<a href=”https://lafayetteacademy.com/strategic-reading-comprehension-program/”>Strategic Reading</a>

<a href=”https://lafayetteacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/reading-book-eat-strawberry-nominated_t20_98nArY.jpg”><img class=”wp-image-10937 alignnone size-medium” src=”https://lafayetteacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/reading-book-eat-strawberry-nominated_t20_98nArY-300×201.jpg” alt=”K-8 Programs Registration” width=”300″ height=”201″ /></a>

<a href=”https://lafayetteacademy.com/why-k-8-math-matters/”>Master Math</a>

<a href=”https://www.mheducation.com/prek-12/explore/redbird/redbird-mathematics.html”>Redbird Math</a>

<a href=”https://www.savvas.com/index.cfm?locator=PS2qJ3″>Success Maker</a>