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Are you a parent who is having problems with helping your child overcome their test anxiety? It can be difficult to tell if your child has this problem. Kids that have test anxiety may get stomach aches, feel weak, or get headaches before and during tests. They might even get sick to their stomach right before the start of the test. If you notice these symptoms, sit down and talk with your child. They may tell you that taking tests make them nervous. Thankfully, there is a cure for every case of test anxiety.

Keep the Conversation Open and Positive

Don’t make fun of them or embarrass them in any way. If your child was crying over not doing well on a test and you say something they take as making fun of them, it can make the situation worse. Let them know you want to help.

Be supportive. If your child is freaking out over a test, give them positive reinforcement. Tell your child that they can do great and help them try to calm down.

Help Them Study

Help them study more efficiently. It can be difficult for some kids who have test anxiety to focus when studying but there are ways around this problem. Let your kid know that they don’t have to study all night long for an exam. Explain that they should take short breaks and reward themselves with something like a snack if they manage to focus for at least 30 minutes or so.

Tutoring is another effective way to help them both with studying, and with test anxiety. If they learn proper studying techniques, that makes retaining the information easier. Then, they know how to better prepare for the tests that have been making them feel anxious. Turning to a tutor may be the best way to help your child get past the anxiety and start taking confident steps in their education.

Lafayette Academy is Here to Help Get Your Child Past Test Anxiety

Turn to the professionals here at Lafayette Academy today. We can help your child feel more confident before their next exam and bypass the anxiety all together.