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At Lafayette Academy, we personalize instruction to meet the specific needs of each student.  In this way, we build our students’ confidence by customizing our methods to each child’s level and unique learning styles. We understand that children gain knowledge in many different ways, so we don’t use the same tutoring style or strategy with every student. Teaching techniques that are effective for one child may not be effective for another.

We Talk with Our Students about Their Preferred Teaching Methods and Give the VARK Learning Styles Assessment

We offer children the most effective tutoring experience possible based on their own input and the VARK results. This increases their confidence level to help them overcome any academic hurdles they may face in the classroom.

We Model Behaviors that Help Boost Children’s Confidence Level

In light of the lost classroom time, children have experienced over the past year, their confidence level may be lower than usual in certain subject areas. This is often true with math, which many students find challenging anyway. The following are some of the approaches our tutors use to ensure that our students retain or regain the academic confidence they may have lost during this challenging period.

  1. Modeling personal self-confidence in all of their teaching activities. Observing tutors tackle complex or challenging material with an upbeat attitude and a lot of preparation sets a good example for students to follow.
  2. Remaining calm and focused when students make mistakes or seem confused about a certain problem or topic. We recognize that confident people don’t let errors affect their efforts, so we model how to take obstacles in stride.
  3. Praising students for their perseverance in learning new or especially challenging material. We explain that confidence is not a function of always succeeding, but of staying strong and flexible enough to continue trying even if you’re not the best at a specific skill or subject.

If you wish to help your child build their sense of academic confidence in the return to the classroom, contact us today at Lafayette Academy for a free consultation. You can rest assured in our ability to help your child reach their highest level of scholastic success.