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Top 5 Reasons to Request Tutoring from Lafayette Academy

Great Tutors + Proprietary, Targeted Tutoring Curriculum: Our Secret Sauce

  • Lafayette Academy’s proprietary “tutoring curriculum” is a difference maker. We’re not giving away our secrets, but here are a few highlights:
  • Our curriculum starts where students stop, so our tutors can guide students to “aha” moments.
  • Our most experienced tutors have developed or approved the curriculum. They know what works and mentor new LA tutors.
  • All LA tutors aced difficult placement tests; still, they have access to proven Lafayette Academy approaches!
  • Our curriculum includes strategies for students with atypical learning styles. We KNOW what works, with whom, and why.
  • Our K-8 programs are assessment-driven and have helped students advance 1-2 grade levels.

Guess which one is the tutor?

Lafayette Academy Tutors

  • Our tutors are more invested in Lafayette Academy students than tutors who work for larger companies. We hire tutors with pride and empathy.
  • Our tutors know the local textbooks and we are targeting other school districts that use Big Ideas Math.
  • Our online, private tutoring has also become a focal point for Lafayette Academy. Not surprisingly, our families give it rave reviews.
  • We expect our 2023/2024 students to get mostly A’s and some B’s! Every committed student can get a one or two-letter grade improvement.

Friendly, Thoughtful One-on-One Tutoring

Grades K-8 Programs

Three important programs for K-8 students: Master Math, Strategic Reading, and Intentional Writing.

All programs are assessment-based to identify and correct any skill gaps that may have emerged during Covid or before. We GUARANTEE that your students will catch up or get ahead!

  • The foundations for our K-8 programs are state-of-the-art online platforms that were developed at Stanford University and leading educational publishers.
  • However, these are not “computer-only” programs. Each student is led by a teacher who is familiar with local standards and benchmarks. This isn’t Kumon.
  • Master Math, Intentional Writers, and Strategic Reading will also help students with what they are learning in school (during the school year).
  • We also provide supplemental materials that are informed by each student’s learning style.
  • We regularly assess our students to ensure that they’re making progress. You will see noticeable improvements.
  • Private tutoring is also available for elementary & middle school students.
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