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Do AP Scores Matter?

Do AP scores matter for college admissions? Yes and No. If you want to play it safe, work hard to ace your AP tests. Here's one take on AP scores, and here are some facts: Fact #1 For the many schools that place academic "rigor" at the top of their admissions...

AP Exams – Does Your AP Test Score Matter?

Do AP Scores Matter? AP Exams If you look closely at the image below, you will see that two people from the same company posted blogs with different takes on the importance of AP test scores. I could find 50 other examples of conflicting information. So whose...

High AP Exam Scores: A Key Factor in College Admission

Do AP Exam Scores Help in College Admissions? Nowadays, as competition for college admissions becomes increasingly intense, any potential edge may seem like the difference between acceptance and rejection. Normally, SAT/ACT scores are a huge part of the equation....

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