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Do AP Scores Matter?

AP Exams If you look closely at the image below, you will see that two people from the same company posted blogs with different takes on the importance of AP test scores. I could find 50 other examples of conflicting information. So whose information should you trust the most, why? Mine. This blog is based on my spending countless hours researching the answer to this question, including conversations with admissions officers. We will provide the “definitive answer”  to the “do AP scores matter?” question.

AP Scores Can Matter, Bigly

High scores on AP exams have many benefits for students. From an admissions committee’s perspective, high-level performance on AP tests confirms your academic excellence – it’s hard to skate through AP classes and ace the “final exam.” Also, when you arrive at many colleges or universities, you can start taking more advanced classes based on your AP Test scores.  Still, if you’re a business major, who really wants to take that Zoology class, you can.

Because AP courses are more difficult than regular classes, taking them shows an admissions committee that you challenged yourself in high school with college-level material and aced it!. Rigor is one of the most important factors considered by admissions officers. There is no better way to substantiate a rigorous course than a high AP test score.

Will AP Scores Begin to Matter Even More?

There is no definitive response to this question because it’s too early to ascertain how colleges will respond to a non-ACT SAT score environment.  We think there is a high probability that the test scores will matter because it’s an easy measure to attach to the process and it will add a lot of value to the student’s AP grades in high school: either buttressing, confirming or questioning high grades or boosting students who may not have aced the class itself.

At Lafayette Academy, we will continue to hire armies of highly qualified AP tutors to make it easier for our students to take multiple classes. Almost everyone agrees that AP classes are hugely important for college bound students.

AP Exam Cram Students Get High Scores On AP Tests

In light of these facts, it’s important that you do well on your AP exams so you can get a head start in your academic career and save money on tuition by not having to take a lot of basic courses. Our tutors are here to help you in this process by reviewing the subject matter of the exams with you and instructing you on the topics that are most likely to appear on the AP tests. They will also explain how to take a standardized test like the revised 2021 AP so you’ll be mentally prepared beforehand and more likely to do well.

Our comprehensive programs are specific to each test.  Here are a few examples of questions that we answer in our AP Exam Crams:

  • What differentiates a score of 4 from 3, 5 from 4, 5 from 3, and 3 from 2. ? We think it’s vital for students to know what is expected to reach each scoring level. This helps students organize their studying.
  • We quickly ascertain our students’ problem areas; then, we tackle all of the aforementioned errors that we know matter on the test. We do NOT waste time on obscure topics that have limited impact on your score.
  • We have developed many innovative methods to explain complicated topics. Our methods work. Period.
  • Every AP Exam Cram includes a comprehensive, take-home, study packet. The packets cover topics that we knew we couldn’t get to in the Cram, practice problems with answer keys, and study materials based on the Cram session.
  • We are also available to answer follow-up questions via email

For the best in AP exam prep tutoring online, link up with us today at Lafayette Academy.

Still not sure what to think? Listen to what some experts have said about AP Test Scores:


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