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Under-Appreciated Reading Comprehension Benefits

First, Some Obvious Reading Comprehension Benefits We hate to dispense obvious advice, but I'm making an exception today because it's really important that parents hear the complete case for reading comprehension. Why? Because reading comprehension benefits are vaster...

How Parents Nurture Children’s Love of Learning.

Child Learning isn’t just about sitting in a classroom and memorizing facts for a test. It is about how humans make meaning of their world through experience, language, art, music, movement, technology, relationships—and yes—even academics. Learning is an ongoing...

Tips for Kids and Parents Restarting In-Person Learning

Back To in Person School As we begin the fall, there are a few things on everyone’s minds. For kids and parents, that’s the mass return to school. There are some kids who are still adjusting to the transition and worried parents. All of this is natural, of course....

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