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Back To in Person School

As we begin the fall, there are a few things on everyone’s minds. For kids and parents, that’s the mass return to school. There are some kids who are still adjusting to the transition and worried parents. All of this is natural, of course. Here are some of our favorite tips to help you and them, as we all return to the classrooms. We apologize in advance that some of them are self-serving.

For Kids: Help is Always Available: Shadow Classes for Every Difficulty

As your child moves back to school and possibly into a brand-new environment, they will need to adjust to the new things and responsibilities in their life. For some kids, this will mean a dramatic shift in what they knew and understood. That may, in turn, make things hard for them to understand or pay attention to in class. Lafayette Academy is one of the best choices for students having these problems. We provide Shadow Classes® and private tutors to ensure that your children do not fall behind.

Shadow Classes® operate like an extra class on whatever subject your student struggles with. It is a chance for them to ask questions and more. On average, the students who take our Shadow Classes as a serious opportunity end their semesters a full one grade level higher than they would without us. Click here to read more about Shadow Classes and see the schedule.

For Adults: Check in with Your Student

Your kids need you to check in with them regularly, even if they don’t realize it. For example, middle school parents should check their students’ test scores and not just their grades. In many middle schools, you can get good grades simply by doing the work, even if you don’t really understand the concepts. Test scores are key. High school parents should ask their children to show them their specific homework process. Perhaps you can ask, how do you study history? When the student says, “I read the book, no duh mom.” Ask him if he just reads chapters from beginning to end. If he says yes, then take the time to show him more advanced ways to read chapters that greatly enhance his reading comprehension. Want to learn more? We are just a phone call away!

Lafayette Academy is your answer for K-12 tutoring, Shadow Classes, SAT, ACT, or any other test they need help with. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for your student and you.