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As the new school year approaches, children may be feeling stressed thinking about the return to regular schoolwork and other in-person classroom activities. After doing lessons for many months in the comforts of home, the thought of going back to their old environment to learn and interact with peers may seem daunting. Also, undergoing a whole year of at-home learning has taken a mental, emotional, and developmental toll on many children, who may have fallen behind in their studies, missed major educational milestones and lacked the personal interaction that helps to build critical social skills. In returning to the traditional classroom setting, children may become stressed about not always keeping up with their classwork and continuing to fall behind.

“Pandemic Slide” is an Issue

In the summertime, children who take a break from their schoolwork experience what’s known as the “summer slide,” which causes them to lose as much as two months of the academic progress they made during the preceding school year.  In the current environment, a similar phenomenon, which may be called “pandemic slide,” is occurring for many students, albeit in a more pronounced way. After missing a whole year of attending classes, a lot of children have lost much of their scholastic knowledge and aptitude, especially in the subjects of reading and math.

Studies show that older students are most likely to be impacted by the summer slide, and the same holds true for its pandemic equivalent. This means that now students are most liable to fall behind during the period of their lives when academic ability and knowledge are hardest to attain.

Turn to Lafayette Academy to Ease Your Children’s Stress

Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging for children, especially older students, to keep up with their studies. But when families rely on centers such as Lafayette Academy for tutoring help, children can regain the knowledge and learning skills they may have missed out on during the long pandemic year. When your children are able to focus better and improve in challenging subjects, they’ll develop greater confidence for in-person learning and for interacting with their classroom peers. This will in turn ease their stress and help them get back to or exceed their former learning capacity and knowledge level in less time.

If your children are experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 break, and you’d like them to catch up or even move forward in their studies, get in touch with us today at Lafayette Academy for a free consultation.