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Parents Reaction To Bad Grades

Throughout the course of their academic careers, children inevitably get a substandard grade now and then. At times their own sense of unhappiness or embarrassment is strong enough to put them back on track to successful test taking. At other times, however, intercession by parents may be required to ensure that it’s not the start of a trend. After learning about a bad test grade, parents may wonder about the best time to bring up the subject, and also ask, “How should I respond?” The following are some tips on reacting to a poor test grade that will help preserve your child’s self-esteem and hopefully inspire them to do better in the future.

1. Set the Child Apart from the Grade

A bad test grade can be discomforting, so make sure to tell your child that while you’re not happy with the grade, you love and appreciate them, nonetheless. Commend them for work in other areas where they’re excelling, while reassuring them of their abilities and saying that getting a bad grade doesn’t make them a failure. By working together, you’ll come up with a strategy that will help to ensure their success on future tests.

2. Handle the Topic with Compassion, not Annoyance

While it’s important to deal with a bad grade right after it occurs, take time to calm down if you feel yourself getting upset. Then inform your child that what happens from this point onward is what matters and that they can’t change what occurred in the past. Getting to the root of why the grade was received is the most important topic of conversation at this time. Ask questions and let your child give their honest feedback so you can figure out together what can be done to help them improve their grades.

Lafayette Academy Can Help Your Child Better their Test Grades

Children who get a bad test grade sometimes feel that that they want to stop trying in school. At Lafayette Academy, we can help your child overcome this feeling and learn how to be successful in both school and life. Contact us today for more details.