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Returning to School After Covid

The pandemic has affected everyone and students are no exception. In fact, their learning experience this year was chaotic at best. Many students developed anxiety as they worry about exams and grades. Although parents and teachers worked hard to offer learning to the students by all possible means, the lack of a conventional classroom experience has made it quite difficult. However, with conditions slowly getting back to normal, it is time to plan for the post-pandemic learning.

Local Remediation Program is the Key

Usually, we discuss remediation programs for the students who struggle with one or more basic skills. In practice, a remediation program helps a student get extra support that helps them catch up to others. Remediation program also plays a crucial role in helping students facing learning gaps. Since the pandemic put nearly all students into the same chaos, we can take advantage of such programs to support our kids overcome the learning gap.

The first step is assessment to see where they need help. Usually, most students struggle with math. Remedial math could help your child by leaps and bounds. These programs help teach specific curriculum in a short period of time. Also, these classes are usually short and straightforward. As the pandemic caused a great deal of learning loss, it is very important that you consider getting your child enrolled in a remediation program. More importantly, the students need resources and help that assists with moving forward. Remediation programs also help students grasp new learning procedures, taking tests, finishing homework, and many more skills.

Lafayette Academy is Here to Help

We understand how difficult it is for both students and parents right now, as our families face it, too. At Lafayette Academy, our goal is to assist students dealing with learning gaps and help them leap forward. Furthermore, we have multiple tutoring programs to help kids struggling in one or multiple skills. Let us assess your child’s needs and then help them with our tutoring programs. Lafayette Academy strives to close any learning gaps caused by this pandemic and prepare the students for upcoming challenges in their education.