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The obvious benefits of reading comprehension are well-documented, but some lesser-known benefits are overlooked. Reading has been associated with improved reasoning skills, enhanced creativity, and better memory. Additionally, children who read on a regular basis experience increased vocabulary growth and comprehension levels. Long-term, they are more successful academically and can enroll in more AP and Honors courses in high school. This latter point cannot be overemphasized.

The (not so) Obvious Benefits of Strong Reading Comprehension

Strong readers have huge advantages in high school …

  • They more easily comprehend complicated narratives.
  • They can enroll and excel in AP language arts courses, including history, which will significantly enhance their college prospects.
  • They share classes with other advanced students, often the types of people you want your children hanging out with in high school.
  • If you help your children reach their full potential at a younger age, they will reap the benefits for years to come! “Reading is beneficial at every stage in a child’s development,” says David Liben, an assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

Reading Comprehension skills provide lifelong benefits.

Just how long those enhanced abilities last depends on how much reading kids do between ages 5 and 10 – the crucial formative years for reading. Over time, kids who can quickly and accurately read new information retain their cognitive benefits from early reading. In other words, children who learn to read well at an early age continue to reap the rewards throughout adolescence and beyond. In fact, studies have found that faster readers in both childhood and adulthood tend to be more successful in school and work than adults who were slower readers in childhood.

 Tips for Teaching and Inspiring Children

Parents play a large role in helping young children become independent readers. There are several opportunities that parents have to instill a love of reading, including the hiring of an inspiring tutor. Here are some other tips:

  • Use books as rewards for children (I know someone who did this with her boys and they became consistent, avid readers!)
  • Create fun book clubs with friends and/or schoolmates. Invite popular teachers to host the clubs (and pay them).
  • Find books that interest your children. I started with books about sports figures and “The Hardy Boys” when I was in middle school.

Here are a few links with ideas to inspire children to read: 24 Ways to Motivate Beginning Readers   14 Ways to Encourage Grade-Schoolers to Read

Want to Boost Your Children’s Reading Skills?

Lafayette Academy has a fantastic reading program:

Strategic Reading

Lafayette Academy has a fantastic reading program to help students enhance their reading skills.
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Finally, we apologize for giving you seemingly obvious information about reading. We hope our information about high school helps put a slightly different spin on what you hear all the time.