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Should I Be Nervous For High School Math

Not everyone can confidently say that they are good at math. In fact, most people, are just flat-out bad at it. Many people struggle with math on all levels, which is why we offer the services we do. If your child is entering high school or continuing on in their four years, they likely could feel nervous about math over any other subject. After all, we are taught that math is the way to greatness. For both college and careers, students need math more than anything else. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a teenager, regardless of how true it may or may not be in the future. The additional lack of school that your child has gotten in the last year has likely added to these fears, too. Thankfully, there is help to bypass these fears.

Lafayette Academy for All of Your Student’s Additional Needs

The best way to get over, erase, or surpass fear is by getting help. In this case that means contacting us here at Lafayette Academy for options on behalf of your high school student. The leaders here at Lafayette Academy have created a specific curriculum meant for those students suffering from math issues. Our propriety Algebra 2 tutoring curriculum is meant for those students that need some more help with their clarity and use of math at a high school level. Our system includes topics in Algebra 2, Algebra 2 & Trig, Advanced Algebra 2, and Algebra 2 with Trig Honors.

What makes us different from any other tutoring service you could approach with your child? We know that every child learns differently. We do not expect every child to approach and accept every tutoring method the same—they can’t. What works for one student, won’t work for all of them. That’s the beauty of living in such a variegated world. It also means that we need to work closely with your children to find out what works for each one. That way, we can give them the best tutoring in the field while boosting their confidence to conquer any problem placed in front of them.

Call Lafayette Academy for all your high school tutoring needs. We can help if your child shows signs of fear, nervousness, confusion, or denial while in the classroom.

One final point: we have amazing math programs for K-8 We can help strengthen your children’s math foundations, so they can begin high school at an advanced level!