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Forms of distraction such as texting, playing computer games, watching TV, and social networking are enjoyable activities that many teens choose to pursue instead of doing schoolwork. With all of these interests vying for their attention, teens often find it hard to focus and work independently, especially in today’s post-pandemic environment, where they’re also having to readjust to the classroom setting. If you have easily distracted high school students in your life, try the following ways to help them focus on their assignments and thus enhance their academic progress.

Limit the Use of Technology as a Community

Place limits on TV watching, social media use, and texting. Establish a place where teens can take five- to ten-minute breaks between homework subjects to read and reply to texts. Perhaps you can help establish community-wide efforts to influence teen behavior: “strength in numbers.”

Create a Designated Homework Area

All high school students can benefit from a dedicated spot for doing homework, but it’s especially effective for those who are easily distracted. A study area need not be elaborate; it just needs to include the items required for doing homework, such as paper, pens, pencils, books, and technology.

Have Your Student Use a Planner

Get your student a planner so that he or she can write out a schedule and check off assignments as they’re completed. In this way your child gets to see tangible evidence of his or her efforts and develops a greater sense of organization.  Over the years, some of our most exceptional students have planned and organized their own activities with a planner.

Establish a Set Homework Routine

Following a routine can benefit easily distracted students because it lets them know what they need to do at what times so that tasks aren’t so easily overlooked. Some students are also helped by timers because they can focus better on a task if they know it’s only for a specific time. Also, many distractible teens enjoy the challenge of finishing an assignment before the timer goes off.

Enroll Your Student In Shadow Classes® or Create Your Own

Enroll your student in our weekly Shadow Classes, which are small group tutoring sessions that shadow specific subjects at various local schools. Classes meet online (and in Lafayette or Moraga) and are conducted by Lafayette Academy’s highly skilled tutors, all of whom are thoroughly familiar with each school’s courses. In this way, the student can become more motivated to focus on schoolwork due to the stimulating effect of small-group interaction.

To get your student enrolled in our Shadow Classes, contact us today at Lafayette Academy. Our dynamic program also includes a new tutoring curriculum for Algebra 2 that will ensure every Algebra 2 student gets the best tutoring instruction anywhere. We look forward to giving your child the extra academic boost that top-quality tutoring can provide.