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K-8 math matters a lot more than people realize. That’s why I changed this blog post only 17 days after it was originally published! The original post focused on making math fun; what a novel idea!

Why K-8 Math Matters

When I was a younger parent, I was determined to be a laid-back dad who would not push his children in school. I resented over-bearing families who pushed their children and then bragged about them. I wanted my girls to enjoy their childhood and worry about later, later. My thoughts have changed, but before you dismiss the rest of this article, hear me out for a few more sentences.

All parents should help children reach their potential. If you think you have a future Ivy Leaguer, you should give her plenty of opportunities to accelerate learning and fulfill her promise. But if you don’t have a future Ivy Leaguer, back off … but not completely. Students who are on faster math tracks in high school have many more accelerated options than advanced language arts students.

Here are the most important “faster track” advantages:

  • Honors and AP classes give you more opportunities to boost GPA, are more rigorous (which colleges love), and provide a better education.
  • Faster track students are in classes with other top students, who are often the most substantial teens.  We see this ALL THE TIME at Lafayette Academy! The top students are tops in many ways.
  • Ultimately, a faster track leads to more and better college choices with higher achievers. Again, don’t we all want our children to surround themselves with higher achievers?

Specifically, here are some of the advanced classes that tend to be filled by top math students: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, and AP Biology. Math Matters!

Just to be clear, my advice is to help each of your children reach his or her (reasonable) potential. You have to assess your children and talk to their teachers to figure out what each one can or should achieve, and I’m sure that isn’t easy to do in some cases.  Please don’t think your average student should attend Harvard, and don’t underestimate your hard worker’s potential. Either way, good luck.

Lafayette Academy can help your children get on a faster math track

Our “Master Math” program for grades 1-8 is designed to help students catch up or get ahead in math.  Check out the program on our website and then call us to find out more! Again, our goal is to help each child reach his or her potential.

Master Math Online - Math Matters tutoring

Young girl learning online, and I can’t vouch that it’s math.