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Do you know your child’s learning style?

Have your children completed learning styles assessments? Each child’s preferred learning style may be a combination of many different learning styles or a dominant one. Understanding each child’s preferred learning style will allow you to maximize his or her academic experience. Here at Lafayette Academy, learning styles matter. In fact, the owner’s daughter, a University of Michigan graduate, attributes much of her academic success to her own learning style “discovery” as a junior in high school.

VARK Learning Styles

The VARK learning style system breaks down learning styles into four categories:

  • Visual Learners: Whenever one of these students sees information in a graph, infographic, or visual manner, they are more likely to retain the information long-term. These students do best when they have charts or diagrams representing the information they are trying to retain and/or any type of visual representation that helps them retain or understand information.
  • Auditory Learners: These learners do best when someone speaks the information. They learn best by hearing the information and letting it sink in. These students also tend to retain more when put into groups that discuss the information, since they can hear the different perspectives.
  • Reading and Writing Learners: For these students, they do their best learning when they can read about the information, and write down the important points. This combination exercise allows them to get the information in two different formats, leading to longer retention.
  • Kinesthetic Learners: These are known as hands-on students. They learn best when they can put the time and effort into learning about a subject with their hands. This can be anything from using building blocks to understand math concepts to perform experiments.

Many students are a combination of these four main styles, while students who need the most help often have atypical learning styles (e.g. a strong preference for kinesthetic learning). What learning style is your son or daughter?

Lafayette Academy Can Work with Any Learning Style

No matter what style works best for you, we can accommodate and help you prepare for your future. Contact us here at Lafayette Academy and let us help you learn to your highest potential.