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All successful students have to cram for an exam once in a while, so why not do it with the help of experienced instructors who review the most important concepts on your exams and provide you with a well-designed study packet for follow-up prep? Cramming just before an exam can help you remember enough relevant material in a short time to get a good grade. At Lafayette Academy, Final Exam Crams aid in this process through two-hour review sessions that maximize your ability to absorb a lot of information in a brief period. Students and instructors go over everything on a final in detail, and the study packets we provide help you study at home after the sessions are over. The following are some tips on further cramming at home after your Final Exam Cram session.

  1. Gather Your Materials

Make sure you have your notes and Final Exam Cram study packet with you, as well as a pencil or pen and a notebook or legal pad

  1. Avoid Social Media

Social media will sink a cram session like nothing else. Texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are great, but take a break while cramming.

  1. Use a Timer

Cramming is about establishing a rhythm. Do 50 minutes of studying interspersed with ten minutes of another activity like exercising, singing, or sitting still. Then get back to work. Using a timer will help you find a rhythm.

  1. Focus Only on Big Ideas and Key Details

Any learning you do while cramming has a limited lifespan, so just stick to the main ideas and details, which are the items most likely to be on the test. Look for headings, key people, important dates, equations, vocabulary words, and explanations of major ideas, and skip the rest. And, don’t waste time on stuff you already know!

  1. Involve Different Senses

Talk out every major idea you read. Explain things to yourself out loud. Make hand gestures; pace around the room. Emphasize words with an odd accent. The more senses and emotions you involve, the more you’ll remember.

  1. Use Your Study Packet as a Guide

Your study packet offers you far and away the best method to cram for an exam. With the packet, most of your work is already done.

  1. Set Deadlines, Goals and Rewards

Deadlines, rewards and goals will help you stay on track and keep moving without getting bogged down.

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