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For parents, having a child who gives up easily can be heartbreaking. You know they are smart, and they even like to learn, but without the right motivation, they struggle. If you have a child like this, we have a suggestion for you. Let your child focus on his or her successes from anywhere. If your child is motivated to do other things, allow him, and encourage her, to reach for higher goals. These successes can have motivating effects in all aspects of their lives.

Tips for Motivating Kids Who Give Up Easily

Whether your children are bored, anxious, or just not motivated, getting them to push themselves in school can be difficult. When kids give up easily, it is their way of saying that something about what you want them to do is off. By giving alternatives, it can help them stay focused and strive for more. Here are a few extra tips that can help them stay motivated to do better.

  • Encourage your child to try new things that they choose. This may be trying a new food, a new activity, or a new routine. These small changes can help them feel more in control over what is going on, allowing them to boost their confidence.
  • Set the right example. If your child sees you giving up regularly, he or she is more likely to follow that example. If you want your child to remain focused on a task, then do the same. The more they see you starting and completing a task, the more likely they are to follow suit.
  • Clearly state your expectations for your child to your child. This does not mean yelling or condescending conversations, but instead, tell them what you expect, and leave it at that. They will either rise to your expectation or they will begin to struggle. Seeing the low-level natural consequences that come with not meeting those expectations can be a motivating factor in and of itself. After all, if they learn when the consequences are minor, they at not as likely to have those issues in the future when the consequences are far higher.

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