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When kids get bored during online classes, they are much more likely to fall behind. Instead of letting that happen, knowing how to keep them engaged can really help. Here are some proven strategies that can help kids of all ages remain engaged in their courses.

Strategies for Students Taking Online Classes & Teachers Teaching Online Classes

These strategies can help children of all grade levels feel more engaged while taking online classes. Which do you think your child would benefit from most?

  • Altering the Pace: When children need to take a little more time on a subject, changing how quickly the subject is covered can help. The same goes with children who get subjects really easily. This allows for children to learn at their own pace without unrealistic expectations being placed on them.
  • Set the Example: When you set an example that focuses on having fun learning, kids tend to take that example and run with it. Show them that learning can be fun so they look for the fun in each lesson they take.
  • Control vs Freedom: Learning when to take control and when to provide freedom for kids to learn on their own is important with online classes. When kids get to explore on their own, it greatly helps them feel confident in the subject they learn.
  • Turn the Tables: It can help kids better understand a topic if you turn the tables on them and allow them to teach about it. Whether in a traditional classroom or online environment, kids can reach out and teach other kids on topics they love. Let them and see what they take from it!

Tutoring Can Help Promote Higher Engagement with Online Classes

If you want your children to be able to remain engaged with their online classes, one way of doing that is to ensure they understand the content. By hiring a virtual tutor, you can be sure that your children understand the subjects. This can help to keep them engaged and eager to learn. Call us here at Lafayette Academy and let us help you keep your child engaged and ready to learn.