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Learning Disabilities

When students struggle in school, they’re stressed and they lose confidence. Most students benefit from individualized instruction that leverages their strengths and helps them overcome (or eliminate) their challenges. One-on-one sessions or small groups allow tutors to focus on individuals and many students show marked improvement.

Not surprisingly, some students need more help, particularly those with learning disabilities. The rest of this blog is for your families.  If your children continue to struggle in school, even with help, and they have not been tested for learning disabilities, talk to your pediatrician and/or check out the link below from Lexercise.

I have not vetted Lexercise, but it looks reputable and appears to be a good place to start.

Free Learning Disability Tests – Lexercise

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My Cautionary Tale – Learning “Disabilities,” Meds, and A New Path

I have adult ADHD. I was in my 40’s when it was officially diagnosed. I have seen two psychiatrists, and both put together a basket of meds that help me function more effectively. Over the years, we have tweaked the meds as my needs and reactions changed. Neither psychiatrist has helped me with “executive functioning,” the everyday skills that challenge people with ADHD. I had always assumed that you “treated” ADHD with meds.

Thanks to a pandemic-induced rut,  I finally realize that I need more than meds to overcome my ADHD challenges. The meds definitely help, but with intermittent success. I tend to have some productive hours each day, and some weeks are better than others. That’s not good enough because I’m still disorganized, forgetful, sometimes depressed, and easily distracted. I wonder if I am a unicorn or if there are a lot of people who assume that meds are the only way to help people with ADHD.

I am about to embark on a new path that will combine my meds with a focus on my executive functioning skills.  I am considering two options: meet with a psychologist who has helped other people with ADHD or hire an ADHD coach.  I am not an expert here, but I will help you learn from my experiences by putting them out in the open. If nothing else, I hope I inspire a few parents with children on meds to make sure that they’re giving their children all the help they need to thrive with a “disability.”

Learning Disabilities

When is a “Disability” not a Disability?

A disability in one realm may be a strength in another. Too often, we linger on the problems associated with some conditions and ignore the opportunities.  I have seen my ADHD as a negative for many years because I associate it with disorganization, poor memory, and other challenges. Only recently have I begun to give it credit for the idea machine between my ears. Look for the positives in your child’s “disability” and mine them for all they are worth. I wish I had done the same years ago instead of browbeating myself over my ADHD limitations. And, if you have children on meds to help with a disability or dysfunction, I hope they have a game plan for the executive function portion of their lives.

learning disabilities

Tutoring Game Plans for Students

Our unique curriculum helps children overcome problem areas. We start where children typically stop. In other words, our curricula are uniquely designed to address common student problem areas, often focusing on the roots of problems that impact multiple topics.  Our tutors understand these problematic subject areas and have guided many children to full comprehension. Moreover, our tutors cater to your children’s unique learning styles and adjust lessons accordingly. For example, visual learners respond well to topic-based worksheets while audio learners benefit from a more conversational approach. “Student game plans” ensure that each student has a strategy to earn a higher grade. The game plans include study skills materials to help children develop long-term learning strategies. We want to give your children tools that will help them become confident learners. Students with game plans experience more “aha” moments and develop strong foundations for later classes.

We Are On the Case, Positive, and Supportive

We expect Lafayette Academy tutors to offer positive and genuine reinforcement.  We strive to create a relaxed environment for your kids to maximize their learning and comprehension. Our tutors will do whatever it takes to help your son or daughter excel at school and build his or her self-esteem. When appropriate, we coach and mentor your children, addressing any issues that could interfere with your children’s learning. Our tutors regularly monitor each child’s progress, including children with learning disabilities.

Lafayette Academy fees are reasonable ($79/hr for one-on-one $54/hr for small groups) and we work with parents who have financial challenges. We do not require parents to sign contracts for our service, and we do not charge exorbitant up-front fees.

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Lafayette Academy tries hard to comply with Google’s ever-changing search technology. It is incredibly difficult for us to compete with bigger companies because we need to get this right to ensure that we continue to pop up in searches. Isn’t that crazy? We’ve been in Lamorinda since 1991, and yet bigger companies can buy their way into search results. I still need to write a little more to ensure that this page is noticed by Google. What would you like to talk about? How about your summer plans for our first non-pandemic summer in a few years? Can you believe what we all just went through? I know it has been rough on a lot of people, but don’t lose sight of the fact that we still live in Lamorinda and people are paying fortunes to move here. I only need 35 more words to barely exceed Google’s minimum word count to matter.  I can’t believe that I’m spending my time like this and I really hope that for your sake you stopped reading a while back.