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Taking notes is an acquired skill. It does not just happen overnight. Kids need to learn how to take notes. It is not as simple as trying to write down everything a person, such as his or her teacher, says. Instead, it is taking the most important points out of a conversation or a lecture. Getting to know what the most important points are is difficult, but this skill must be mastered early on, or it can alter how a child’s future academically plays out. Thankfully, with the right approach, it can be easier.

Learning How to Take Notes Properly

One way that we recommend here at Lafayette Academy for taking notes is known as the Cornell note taking method. It is easy for parents to look up online, and can be a lifesaver for kids who struggle to take notes. Here is a quick overview of how it works.

Students will take a sheet of paper and split it into two columns. The one on the left will be one-quarter of the page, while the one on the right will be the other three-quarters. During the conversation, interview, or lecture, the student will take down the notes he or she thinks are most important on the right side of this piece of paper.

After school, the student reviews the notes, writing down cues and questions to help remember what was covered in class. From there, the student will cover the notes on the right, and use the cues he or she wrote on the left to trigger the information learned during the lecture.

Parents Play a Role Too

Parents should check their students’ notes periodically. Make sure they are only writing down the necessary information in the lecture notes, and work with them on cues, when necessary. Does your student need help with his or her note-taking skills? If so, reach out to us here at Lafayette Academy. We can break down how the notes should look, what should be included, and how to use those notes to succeed. Contact us today!