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No two children are identical; each has his or her own methods and challenges pertaining to absorbing and processing knowledge. When children struggle with their education, they experience stress, emotional strain, and lack of confidence. Children greatly benefit from individualized instruction designed to complement their strengths and overcome their issues. One-on-one sessions or  small groups also allow educators to focus on individual children.

When it comes to guiding your children towards academic excellence, Lafayette Academy is On the Case. Our innovative curricula (specifically designed to pick up where students “leave off”) and accomplished tutors help your children reach their academic potential. Contact us today for answers to your questions, scheduling tutoring sessions, or arranging payment plans.

How Lafayette Academy Makes a Difference: Unique Private Tutoring Curricula That Works

Our unique curriculum helps children overcome problem areas. We start where children typically stop. In other words, our curricula is uniquely designed to address common student problem areas, often focusing on the roots of problems that impact multiple topics.  Our tutors understand these problematic subject areas and have guided many children to full comprehension. Moreover, our tutors cater to your children’s’ unique learning styles and adjust lessons accordingly. For example, visual learners respond well to topic-based worksheets while audio learners benefit from a more conversational approach.

Lafayette Academy offers tutoring sessions seven days a week to accommodate your family’s schedule, including same-day tutoring sessions. Our tutors know the curriculum and teachers in the Lamorinda and San Ramon Valley School Districts. We thoroughly screen, vet, and train our tutors to guarantee that your children receive the best education we can provide. Rates for our services start at $40/hour for pre-paid Shadow Classes and $69/hour for private tutoring. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your children’s’ first tutoring session.

You Can Rely on Lafayette Academy – We Are On the Case, Positive, and Supportive

Lafayette Academy is known for its positive and genuine reinforcement. We strive to create a relaxed environment for your children to maximize their learning and comprehension. Our tutors will do whatever it takes to help your children excel at school and build their self-esteem. We coach and mentor your children, addressing any issues that could interfere with your children’s’ learning. Our tutors monitor your children’s’ progress every week to ensure success,.

Lafayette Academy fees are reasonable and we work with parents who have financial challenges. We do not require parents to sign contracts for our service, and we do not charge exorbitant up-front fees, either.