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What percentage of college applicants submitted ACT or SAT scores?

Reporting was “far higher … among applicants living in more affluent communities.” 43% of all Common App Applications for Fall 2023 college admissions cycle included an ACT or SAT score. Most likely, this number exceeded 60% from affluent communities.

Do we still need to take the ACT or SAT? (“we” for obvious reasons)

No, but you should because you are not required to submit your scores to any school. You have nothing to lose by taking a test unless you are CERTAIN that you will only apply to “test blind” schools. Click on the question above to read a balanced Forbes article.

This has become a frequently asked frequently asked question because the University of California schools will no longer consider ACT or SAT scores in their evaluations, and other schools have followed their lead. There are many schools that still require or consider ACT or SAT scores in their evaluations or for scholarship purposes. Unless you are certain that your son or daughter will only apply to schools that won’t consider ACT or SAT scores, your child should still take one of these tests. Give us a call if you want to hear our more detailed thoughts.

Which test should my son or daughter take: ACT or SAT?

This is (by far) the most frequently asked question, even though it has a relatively simple answer: have your daughter or son take practice tests and then we can help you make the decision. Ideally, students should take both practice tests within a 2-3 week period. If your student is a junior, you might be able to compare an ACT practice test score to his or her PSAT score. At Lafayette Academy, practice tests are ALWAYS FREE.

When should my daughter or son take the actual ACT or SAT?

Most students take their first ACT or SAT during the spring of their junior years. Advanced juniors can take a fall test (the beginning of their junior year). In all cases, you should consider extracurricular activities and how your student is scoring on practice tests when choosing a test date.

How many times can a student take a test? Many students take the ACT or SAT test twice; some take each test once and then take one of the tests a second time. You should NOT take any of the tests more than three times.

What about the PSAT? (for some reason, people often phrase PSAT questions like this example)

The PSAT is a good opportunity to get your son or daughter to take a practice test because most students take the PSAT. If you happen to have a genius living under your roof, the PSAT could be hugely beneficial because of the National Merit program. For most students, PSAT scores don’t matter so you should not spend money preparing your son or daughter for this test.

How can I be a great test prep parent?

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not a FAQ. If it were a FAQ, this would be my answer: challenge your children to embrace the preparation challenge on their own by promising to leave them alone (after you enroll them in one of our programs). We all mean well, but we fail to realize how much added stress we place on our children by micro-managing their test prep experience.

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