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  • Lafayette Academy tutors KNOW your high school Math textbooks.
  • Our proven “tutoring curriculum” has helped East Bay teens “solve the same problems.“
  • If you want your teen to have “aha moments,” contact us today!
  • We have versatile online tutors, so we will find a great match for your son or daughter.
  • And, our SAT Prep is second to none, with new, innovative curriculum for the Digital SAT.

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Online Tutoring Survey Feedback

We surveyed our online tutoring students and families, and all of them were happy with online tutoring at Lafayette Academy. None wanted to switch to in-person sessions, even though many of them originally wanted in-person tutoring.  Here are a few representative comments: “online is going great and very convenient;” “very pleased with tutoring provided by A.B.;” “It is just as helpful as in-person tutoring.”

We realize that we are not the first online tutoring provider, so we are doing everything we can to differentiate Lafayette Academy and instill in our families the same confidence they have when they come to our centers. Also, we’re not publicizing everything that we do because other companies copy us.

When our tutors collaborate, they focus on the best ways to teach complicated topics. Students might not see the collaboration, but they reap the benefits. We are targeting Dublin, Pleasanton, and San Ramon because you use the same “Big Ideas Math” textbooks that we use in Lamorinda. We know the concepts and problems that students struggle with (and why), and our tutors are ready to inspire “aha” moments from your children! Again, our tutors do NOT wing it!

will help your children gain academic confidence and earn higher grades. Our online tutors for Lamorinda, Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, and Pleasanton are familiar with and fluent in local school materials and methods.

Our online tutors provide powerful learning and guidance that truly elevates comprehension and subject-mastery skills, even thinking skills. Online tutors teaching students from across the SF Bay Area are being utilized every day, and our virtual tutors at Lafayette Academy are very popular. They are also extraordinarily successful in working with students of all levels – whatever the purpose of their tutoring. Popular tutors who catalyze deep academic progress and success — that’s our daily mission.

Online tutoring for kids in East Bay towns and from across the San Francisco Bay Area is sought for every day as students and parents turn to the power of one-on-one personal tutoring (or shadow classes) combined with the convenience of online meeting. Please call us today or use our online tutoring request form to start.

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