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Top 5 Reasons to Request Tutoring from Lafayette Academy

  • Our tutors do NOT wing it; we know your school and its curriculum
  • Our “tutoring curriculum” library includes worksheets with the BEST WAYS to learn challenging topics.
  • Plus, our tutors collaborate on Slack, sharing our collective knowledge.
  • We identify students’ unique learning styles and tailor our sessions accordingly.
  • Our 2023-2024 mission is to help each student game-plan a path to better grades

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Even More Reasons to Choose Lafayette Academy

  • Our tutors are available throughout the day 6 days a week.
  • Our tutors are very familiar with local teachers,  especially the ones who deviate from the norm.
  • We are “Big Ideas Math” experts (textbooks used by many schools).
  • We actually KNOW our online tutors, and they all aced difficult placement tests.
  • We have a small team to interview everyone.
  • We quietly help families with financial challenges.