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While many children love sleeping later or going to school in their pajamas, the harmful effects of distanced learning are emerging. Many children are struggling with feeling left out or falling behind in their courses. One of the best options parents have is to provide their child with a tutor during this struggle. Tutors can do a lot to help a child struggling with distanced learning.

Tutors Have More Dedicated Time For Your Son or Daughter Than Teachers

Teachers are working very hard during the Pandemic to help each child on as individual level as possible. They want to help your children succeed. However, they still need to teach full classes of students. This means that individual attention is not as easy as it was in the traditional classroom. Many students struggle with asking for help when online with the rest of their classes. This results in children not grasping some concepts now and more by the end of the school year.

Tutors spend all of their time helping your children with their specific needs. They will ensure that your child fully grasps a concept before moving on to the next. While tutors can help with homework, it is more than simple homework help. They break down topics to the levels each child needs so that he or she “gets it.”

Tutors can also go over those concepts as many times as the child needs so there is nothing that is missed. This can help fill in the gaps that some distanced learning situations have caused, especially for children who are nervous about asking for help in front of others.

Lafayette Academy Is Here to Help with Topics Your Child Struggles With

Instead of watching helplessly as your child struggles, turn to the experienced tutors here at Lafayette Academy. We can help your child get a stronger grasp on many subjects, especially mathematics and reading. Our tutors will help keep your child focused without setting unrealistic expectations that they would never be able to realize.