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SAT/ ACT Articles

Tips to Improve Your SAT Score

Many students dread the exam and think it will be too difficult. However, if you follow these tips and practice consistently, your score will improve. Read below to find out more about how to improve your SAT score. Organize Yourself Gather all of your materials, such...

We Tailor Our Tutoring to Suit Each Student’s Ability Level and Learning Style

Recognizing that all children have different educational abilities and learning styles, at Lafayette Academy we avoid trying to get each child to fit into the same instructional mold. Instead, we strive to cater to every child individually, helping each to reach his...

ACT and SAT Prep Classes: Great Alternatives to Playing all Summer

Summer is normally not a time when high school students like to study, and most prefer to take it easy by enjoying recreational activities such as playing escape room games or hanging out with friends. However, making use of the summer months to hone your SAT or ACT...

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