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The ACT or SAT is not required to get admitted to a great college, including the University of California schools.  Nonetheless, doing well on either test will enhance a student’s profile at many schools.

Most higher achieving students should take the SAT test,  ACT test, or both.  A high score can translate into a variety of opportunities, and many schools will consider your scores in their evaluation. Lower-achieving, but high-potential students should take ACT or SAT practice tests and then decide on the appropriate course of action. Lafayette Academy offers free practice tests.

Don’t just take our advice, here’s what some outside experts are saying: Current Test Prep Advice from Outside Experts

Take the SAT Test

Top 5 Reasons to take the SAT test or ACT test:

  1. Colleges would like to see test scores, including many schools that do not require them: the admit rate with scores is much higher than the rate without scores.
  2. High test scores lead to merit-based scholarship opportunities.
  3. High test scores help you skip general education classes at some colleges.
  4. High test scores look good on your resume (and help you get a part-time job at Lafayette Academy).
  5. Summer ACT or SAT Prep helps you sharpen your skills and mind over the summer.

You are not required to submit your ACT or SAT scores to most schools. Taking either test is a no-lose proposition.

When should college-bound students take the SAT test or ACT?

  • Your junior year and/or the first semester of your senior year are the usual times for the ACT and SAT tests.
  • Students in the Class of 2025 should take the SAT test in Fall 2023 (before the tests go digital). Click on the previous link for more insights.

Take the SAT Test

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