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College Admission Articles

Leadership – A U.C. Berkeley Admissions Perspective

Many admissions officers claim that "leadership" is one of the characteristics they look for in applicants. I added the quotes to reflect the vast amount of definitions that exist for leadership.  It's important for students to recognize that leadership can be...

The Curse of Low Expectations For Struggling Students

Because we are not an “every child needs to attend an Ivy League school” learning center, we try to avoid alarmist rhetoric. Still, we have seen too many students develop long-term issues because parents ignored early warning signs or lowered their expectations.  Here...

Academic Fundamentals: The Long-Term Impact

Fast Track Learning To best focus on your child’s future, you must prioritize making a solid plan. It starts with how you plan your education. Not many people realize that the best time to plan your child’s education is when they are still young. The first step is to...

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