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If you are in the class of 2025,  sign up for spring ACT or SAT Prep


SAT Prep or ACT Prep is a No Brainer

  • Plenty of great schools still require or accept ACT or SAT scores!
  • The U.C. schools have become ridiculously selective and MANY local students are applying to other schools that consider your ACT or SAT scores.

So Why Choose Lafayette Academy for Test Prep?

  1. We organize our students based on their ability levels, with differentiated instruction.
  2. We analyze homework and practice tests, and WE respond accordingly.
  3. We combine small classes with private tutoring to ensure personalized instruction. Even online, our tutors focus on your child’s needs.
  4. We are dedicated to each student, and we will do whatever it takes to help him or her ace the test.
  5. Our online test prep is just as focused as our offline programs. We make sure that every student is engaged.

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ACT SAT Prep Registration
As always, Lafayette Academy has helped one of my children get a much higher score than she expected on the SAT.  I honestly don’t know if you folks get better results because you’re smarter than your competitors or because you have a way to get more copies of old tests (just kidding). What I see more than anything is a company that cares about its clients more than anyone else.  As I’m sure you know, many companies promise us the moon and offer tons of services that attract people to their test prep programs. Yes, we used another service with one of our children… She’s still mad at us, even though she picked it to be with a friend.  Back to caring for a second.  I had heard about your test prep service a few years ago from a friend of mine who had two children in the program 10 or so years ago.  She still remembered a few of the things you did to help her daughter, who wasn’t your most enthusiastic student.  I have had other people tell me similar stories and then we had our own experience last year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a company like yours and can’t understand why more people don’t try to emulate you.  You’re a treasured business here in Lafayette and I hope you have children to keep Lafayette Academy going indefinitely. Thanks so much for everything. I know you like to report scores; here’s a pretty good one:   Initial Score for Reading & Writing   610 and for Math 580. Actual score for R & W 720 and Math 700. We’re very pleased and will encourage all of our younger friends to use your services.    Barbara B. Lamorinda Mom
Mrs. B.

Mom, Campolindo Inc